Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Republicans...Too much information

What is going to cost the Republican party the 2012 presidential and congressional elections? The overworked phrase "too much information". We now know their plans for the country. Creating jobs will consist of letting business and the banks run wild without regulation. They will dismantle any regulations such as Dodd, Frank or the health care bill. It will also consist of cutting taxes for the rich and going after the meager money the poor need to survive. All the Republican candidates have said they will not accept a ten to one ratio of cuts to revenue. Their position on the EPA? We don't need clean air and water, they are too costly. On immigration? Massive jolts of electricity and barbed wire. On medicare and the safety net? All the Republicans in office now or seeking office have voted to turn over Medicare to their buddies the insurance companies. Social Security? Let the stock market have a crack at it. Break the unions. Make it harder to vote if you're likely to vote for Democrats. Die if you can't afford health insurance. Remember if you're not rich or don't have a job, it's your fault.

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