Friday, November 11, 2011

Overreaching Heinous Ideology Overturned A.K.A. Ohio

Sleeping Beauty had to be kissed by a prince to wake up. Ohioans had to be clubbed over the head by a Republican Governor who promised jobs and delivered class warfare instead.
Guess what Republican big money? You're class warfare attack ads and Republican celebrities didn't work. Instead of lulling Ohioans into another narcoleptic state they stimulated Ohioans into voting down an anti union law. All those millions of dollars you spent trying to pit the people of Ohio against one another were wasted. You lost. This is only the beginning and you know it. Look at Occupy Wall Street, look at people leaving the banks for credit unions. The people are waking up. Change your idiotic no tax pledge or go the way of the dinosaur. All of your members in Congress have voted on the record, to give Medicare to insurance companies. If you don't think the people know what your up to just keep protecting the rich and see what happens.

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