Friday, September 23, 2011

Poison Tea Grandpa?

People who worship only golden idols, today known as money, want to turn the rest of Americans into Frankenstein soul-less monsters they themselves are. One needs only to watch the Republican debates to see and hear the gollums shout and cheer when a candidate throws out his chest and says how proud he is to have sent hundreds of people to be executed. They find money to be so holy, such a sacrament, that they would shut off life support for comatose patients to save a buck. They have already voted to sacrifice Medicare on the health insurance industries altars all in the name of greed. Their leading presidential candidate wants to end Social Security by turning it over to the states. Why not just whip up a cheap batch of poison tea for everyone over the age of 60? Too bad Jim Jones isn't still around. He would probably be their nominee.

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