Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Neanderthal versus Super Geek

There was a vast clamoring among the greedy. Their opponent was bloodied and weakened through their constant attacks. He was ripe for defeat. All the greedy had to do was to bring forth a credible savior from the ranks of the rich. They always brought their hero's up from the wealthy side of the tracks, who else would champion their cause? Trouble was this crusade had been taken over by the lunatic troglydyte element of their money first party. You know the ones with white or blue hair that like to play dress up and hang tea bags in odd places. The choice was now down to two. First there was the Neanderthal from the state, that wanted to secede from the union. He hated all things government, even Social Security. He said government was evil so naturally he wanted to head it.

The other candidate was more to the liking of the established greed mongers. He looked like Clark Kent. He had all the credentials. He had made his money the right way by taking over companies and firing workers. He said corporations were people too, especially the CEOs. The battle lines were drawn. Money flowed from the 527's like confetti. Super Geek capered gleefully while they Neanderthal inhaled and exhaled heavily through his mouth making grunting noises. This was going to be a close one. How could it not be with two such exceptionally qualified candidates.

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