Monday, August 15, 2011

Republican Compassion...The Law of the Jungle

We already know the only thing that matters to a Republican is his or her money and how to get yours. Being tools of corporations and insurance companies, their health care plan for average and poor Americans is as follows: First it is hoping doctors without borders will come back once or twice a year. Second, don't get sick. Third, die early. Talk about death panels, their policies are death panels!

Republicans will not raise taxes on the wealthy. They don't mind the less fortunate picking up the tab for them, through higher costs for everything, but they have taken a solemn pledge to defend the wallets for their rich contributors. See the point is they have enough money to take care of themselves. They want even more of your money so their kids Heather and Josh can have new sports cars while driving their drunken friends around college. Republicans scream class warfare when you even mention the inequities. Of course it's class warfare. Their supposed upper class has been waging it on the rest of us since money was invented.


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