Tuesday, August 2, 2011

From High Hopes on the Stump...To Nothing More Than a Republican Chump

Remember when the country was so euphoric over finally getting rid of the village idiot from Texas? The American people thought they now had elected someone who would stand up to Republican bullies and bring fairness back to America.

Fat Chance!

Political Superman changed into Superwimp, as fast as you could say phone booth. Just like John Kerry he let Republicans set the agenda. He didn't refute their fiscal nonsense. He let Republicans gain a majority in the House of Representatives by being as solid as milk toast. Republicans have said they plan to carve up Medicare and give it to their insurance company buddies. What does the mighty Rock Obama say to that? Ok. Republicans say grandma and grandpa are destroying this country and Social Security and Medicaid are the cause and must be slashed. Rock Obama firmly plants his feet in quicksand and says, OK, Enough! Let Bernie Sanders run as a 3rd party independent. I'll vote for him....

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