Friday, January 21, 2011

The Origin of the Specials

What makes the rich Fat Cat so special? Money, obviously. What is money? A means to an end. Does it matter how the money was acquired? No. Everyman is mesmerized by the lure of vast amounts of money. Just look at casino's and state lotto's. The odds of winning big at these follies are astronomical. Everyman still dumps his money into these pits, in hopes of instant wealth. The acquisition of wealth brings with it the false premise, that he or she who is wealthy must be special. In the rare instance where an Everyman wins millions in some state lotto, he or she becomes instantly special. Especially with long lost relatives. Does instant wealth make you a better person? If you are an alcoholic spouse abuser and you win millions you just become an alcoholic spousal abuser who can afford a liver transplant.
Money does not endow a person with a more compassionate sense of duty to humanity. In the world of the mega-rich, the pursuit of more money is the only sense of duty. What do the mega-Fat Cats do with their overabundance of wealth? Create jobs? They buy gold infused shower curtains, spend millions on parties, yachts, more cars than they can possibly drive in a lifetime, own multiple houses and jewels. I say tax them at the same rate they were taxed when Dwight Eisenhower was president. They say, give us more tax breaks. Come on, we're special.

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