Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inception Conception

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a small group of discontented felines. These cats lived in grand houses in the nicest part of town. They had plenty to eat and drink. They were warm in winter and cool in summer. Something was wrong though. Even having the finest life had to offer wasn't enough. They wanted more. But more what? They met at each others houses once a week to discuss the problem. They looked hard at the world around them. Why everyman seemed to be content and happy. Everyman had a secure job, healthcare, his utilities and gasoline were affordable and he had a pension when he retired. This would not do. The Fat Cats were envious. They would have to ruin everything so only they could enjoy life. Now being cats they knew that toying with your prey before killing it was the most fun. So they hatched a plan based on their own principals. They would get everyman to turn on himself. Even in the purest everyman there are hidden dark spots. Little taints on his soul. It was simple really.
Greed was one of these taints. Everyman liked money just like the Fat Cats. Just float a rumor that his money is to be re-distributed to less fortunate every men. This would anger most everyman. Not all though, so how about prejudice against the everyman who was in someway not like you. The cats had to be careful with this ploy and would have to disguise the tactic with code words and phrases. The cats knew they would have to convince everyman that only the cats new how to rule properly. Only the cats new how to create jobs. Jobs they would then dismantle and send overseas. How do you get these messages out? The cats knew they would have to create a huge stupid machine and use it to get everyman to vote against his own self interests. They hit upon something that had been in place for a long time. Radio and television the grand reducers of mental prowess. People didn't read anymore they just absorbed. Perfect! Repeat lies enough times and suddenly everyman is consuming his brothers.

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