Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Orange you Glad

People of earth we are the mighty Venusians. We ask your help in re-capturing one of our most dangerous escaped mental patients. We believe he has managed to infiltrate himself into one of your branches of government. We will project an image of him through your primitive broadcast medium you call television. He should be easy to recognize. He is orange in color. The expression on his face is one that earthlings would say comes from landing on a stick. His expression never changes. The expression is genetic. He inherited it from his ancestor Anus Pucker. His prone to fits of self righteous indignation over any trivial matter. He cries a great deal. Don't be fooled by this display. On Venus, he cries right before he pounces on and devours those less fortunate then himself. Do not try to apprehend him. If he is spotted he will seek out those groups who agree with him and hide by trying to blend in.

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