Friday, November 12, 2010

Global Warning

What a shell game we are playing with this planet. First we deny the exsistence of global warming. Then we pay some spurious scientists to support our claim. Finding out that most of the world doesn't believe us, we change the argument to job loss. You know the jobs we sent to China, Mexico, and my favorite Vietnam. When the American everyman has his doubts we tell them that even if we cut back on emissions, China, Mexico, and Vietnam won't. After all they are the major polluters, not us. We create the problem and blame someone else. This is just like the banking crisis, the oil spills, and the food poisoning outbreaks. We cause the problems through de-regulation, step back from power, let them try to clean up our mess, claim they are at fault and it costs too much, and then our mindless followers re-elect us. What a great country. Thank god for short attention spans and memory loss.
Now of course reality does come home to roost. We know we don't have much time left to exploit this planet. Soon it will be uninhabitable. Uninhabitable for everyman, not Fat Cats. Look at that superb shelter that one discount store magnates family built. It cost billions. Enough to provide health care for all their workers. This is the model we need to follow. Only the greedy survive.

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