Friday, November 19, 2010

The Fat Thin Career

Watching television one has to wonder how many washed up so-called celebrities have made a career out of pigging out and then getting thin. These Fat Cats "literally" had too much money to begin with so as their stars faded they fried and breaded their sorrow and consumed it. Their minimal talent would not bring them fleeting fame again so the rest of us have to endure endless before and after photo's of them.
This is not just Fat Cat women, the washed up male athlete is also proud of his transformation. He struts his stuff like some French peacock from King Louie's court. This is all part of the lucrative binge and purge society the Fat Cat has created. If Fat Cats could figure out a way to make money on taking a dumpy, they would. Oh yea, they did. I forgot about all the yogurt and constipation commercials.

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